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I use my creativity and solution-focused coaching in my 5-step transition signature program “Get Ready 4 Change”.

It will help you plan and better prepare yourself and your loved ones for the life you want now, and in your retirement years, as well as prevent any surprises and set-backs once you transition into retirement.

Live & Retire by design…not by chance.

Under a license agreement with TTI - Target Training International, I use assessments to help you better understand your PIAV - personal interests, attitudes, values and behavior - all very important characteristics to be aware of in any life change/transition.

When planning & preparing for your retirement - The New Retirement - I work with Financial Advisory Groups and Advisors to complement their financial planning with my wellness services.

Under a license agreement with Retirement Options, I use two assessments developed by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D. - Retirement Success Profile™ & Life Options Profile™. These assessments will show your preparedness in the following six life arenas: Career/Work; Health/Wellness; Finances/Insurance; Family/Relationships; Leisure/Social; and Personal Development, and how to prevent any financial and emotional surprises in your retirement years.

Contact me for more information how I will work with you in a structured, and result-oriented manner, using assessments and solution-focused coaching to help you getting things done.

I’ll work with you on an individual basis, but also with you who are representing corporations, looking to add transition & retirement coaching to your Employee Benefit Program. An important additional wellness service for your employees and teams.

Get Ready 4 Change


Live & Retire by Design…not by chance.

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