Lars Bolin

Transition & Retirement Coach

I use my creativity, solution-focused coaching, and my 5-step transition signature program to help you get ready 4 change, to plan and be better prepared for the life you want now and in your retirement years.

Live & Retire by design…not by chance.

Under a license agreement with TTI - Target Training International, I use assessments to help you better understand your PIAV - personal interests, attitudes, values and behavior - all very important characteristics to be aware of in any life change/transition.

When planning & preparing for your retirement - The New Retirement - I work with Financial Advisory Groups and Advisors to complement their financial planning with my wellness services.

Under a license agreement with Retirement Options, I use two assessments developed by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D. - Retirement Success Profile & Life Options Profile. These assessments will show your preparedness in the following six life arenas: Career/Work; Health/Wellness; Finances/Insurance; Family/Relationships; Leisure/Social; and Personal Development, and how to prevent any financial and emotional surprises in your retirement years.

Contact me for more information how I will work with you in a structured, and result-oriented manner, using assessments and solution-focused coaching to help you getting things done.

Get Ready 4 Change


Live & Retire by Design…not by chance.

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