Multi-Cultural --> Multi-Lingual

Working with the English language - work on your English!

The English language dominates the international business scene. 

And in order to survive in today's global work environment, international business AND the skills to communicate your thoughts, ideas, leadership and projects, are essential to your success.

So what to do? Work on your English!

Global processes, integrated projects with involvement from all areas of the company on a parent and subsidiary level. ALL communication involves not only employees from many different countries but from many different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds with different values, attitudes and behavior

Yes, it's key to be in control of the language but it is equally important to work on your CQ.

CQ stands for Cultural Intelligence and if you want to know more about how you, and your organization, can improve your CQ, please get in touch.

To summarize, the English language skills are key, as is your level of CQ awareness. It is also important to understand the "language" of the organization you are working for. The "internal terminology", a parallel language, is equally important to master.

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