Diversity feeds success...or does it?

For 28 years I lived the "American Dream", first as an expatriate "foreigner",  later as a local hire and citizen, finding opportunities and freedom where opportunities combined with hard work paid off, proving the slogan "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" to be true.

In today's polarized rhetoric Presidential election campaign we are witnessing how diversity is used almost as a weapon in the politic war and in order to gain the trust of the voters who are to decide the road to travel on in the "Land of Opportunity".

On one end we have Donald Trump's crusade against groups such as religious groups different from the mainstream, immigrants and others who, and I quote, "are not like us...us Americans..." On the other end of the spectrum we have Bernie Sanders crusade against Wall Street and the 2% top earners of the USA who, in his mind, could if taxed heavier, help finance the health care, education and social welfare system for the other 98% who he calls upon to "rise" and endorse the "togetherness" and diversity of the US for the better of the many, rather than the few.

Diversity is in focus...just on very different levels and with very different opinions about how important diversity is...or isn't for the future of the "Land of Opportunity". Some even suggests that it is turning into a "Land of Limitations".

Does diversity feed success on a macro and micro level of our society or does it hinder progress and prosperity?