28 years of Diversity - I live in a world where change is business as usual. Do you?

I have lived in the diverse area of New York for almost 30 years with its 9 million people from all over the world of which 1/3 were born outside of the US. 

A city where 170 different languages are spoken.

I grew up in Malmö, Sweden, in the sixties and seventies, and now with its 325,000 people of which 1/3 were born outside Sweden representing 170 different countries, it has become yet another example of a diverse area.

The world we once knew and lived in has changed.

Book me for a key note speech "My Life - a Divers(c)ity" at your next breakfast, lunch, or after work meeting about ethnic diversity in business and my experience of living and working with people from all over the world.

I have learned that diversity drives success. To look at different as an asset. To "think outside the box" in a world where change is rapid, sudden and immediate. 

The Human Capital - you and me - is the most important asset in a corporation. 

It's important for the success and profitability of a corporation that we focus on the people - as much as we already focus on the customer. When we become aware of our own valuesattitudes and behavior we also are able to better understand others. We will work better together as a team, become more efficient, happier and secure, extending into higher customer satisfaction, additional business and  higher profitability.

That diversity drives success is and should be our starting point.

Because....not only I live in a world where change is business as usual.

We ALL do.

Get Ready 4 Change - Live & Retire by Design…not by chance

To live is to choose.

But to choose you need to know who you are and what you stand for, where you are heading and why. 

We are what we think we should be, rather than be who we really are.

Follow your inner compass - let's outline your Road Map to Success.

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For the life you want, get the support you need.

Live & Retire by Design…not by chance.

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Diversity feeds success...or does it?

For 28 years I lived the "American Dream", first as an expatriate "foreigner",  later as a local hire and citizen, finding opportunities and freedom where opportunities combined with hard work paid off, proving the slogan "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" to be true.

In today's polarized rhetoric we are witnessing how diversity is used more as a weapon to prove a point in immigration laws rather than the opportunities we as a country (and world) of migration have when choosing the road to travel on in the "Land of Opportunity".

Diversity is in focus...just on very different levels and with very different opinions about how important diversity is...or isn't for the future of the "Land of Opportunity". Some even suggests that we are turning into a "Land of Limitations".

Does diversity feed success on a macro and micro level of our society or does it hinder progress and prosperity?


Diversity...embrace it, rather than just accepting it.

It's not easy to see beyond your own frame of mind and thoughts of what a "norm" is, but when you stop for a second and reflect... what is a norm more than a subjective valuation of a world around us, looked at through our own glasses?

Instead, make a sincere attempt to see the world through the lenses of the person standing in front of you. He or she may be struggling to fit in.

Diversity is beautiful and adds value and perspective when we choose to look at diversity as a resource.

Work on your own perceptions all the time. I do and the older you get the harder you have to work on it. With age you show less tolerance for things that are different from the "norm" you have established. So never grow old in your mind!

Stay young at heart and embrace the diversity around you.

You will find beauty in it and the world will be a better place for it.