5-step transition signature program


Throughout life we face changes, forcing us to make choices.

How successful we are is determined by how well we handle these changes.

Let's T.E.A.M. up...and design your own inner compass and roadmap to success.

My 5-step transition signature program - click here for more information - will help set your priorities and goals; manage your time; and the transition you face.


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I believe that everyone can work together.

We do that by not changing each other but by understanding each other.

Let's T.E.A.M. up to Teach, Educate, Assess, and Motivate.

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TESI Workshop

TESI, Team Emotional & Social Intelligence, is an interactive group workshop.

The seven skills to work on in the workshop are:

  1. Identity
  2. Motivation
  3. Emotional Awareness
  4. Communication
  5. Stress Tolerance
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Positive Mood

The objective is to commit to becoming more effective in one or more of the seven skills, dependent on the need you see or we together have identified and agreed on prior to conducting the workshop.


The Universal Language DISC

DISC is a language of behavior and emotions; how we act and the manner in which we do things. It is NOT a measurement of your skills, education and experience. I will use some assessments (under a license agreement with TTI - Target Training International) and each team member will take at least one online assessment.

After participating in my TESI workshop you will:

  1. Know your behavioral style.
  2. Recognize the behavioral style of others.
  3. Adapt and blend your style for greater, more effective communication and relationships.

Sign up for the workshop and raise the awareness of yours' and others attitudes, values and behavior.


I use DISC self-assessment tools to teach behavioral skills and assess interests, attitudes and values. This will bring about trust, innovation, vision and improved communication to you, and the group.

[The services of other institutions and professionals, in joint ventures, will be used if appropriate to your outcome]


The New Retirement


The New Retirement is not an ending, it's a new beginning, the start of a new journey.

It's a transition, it's Retirement by Design.

Design your retirement today to be better prepared for tomorrow.

The New Retirement model is focused on solutions, not problems.

Together we design your life in retirement.

We start by identifying your past, present, and future roles. This to better understand the connection between the past and the new life awaiting you when you transition to The New Retirement way of living.


Contact me for how I can help you retire by design.

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"Get Ready 4 Change"

I use the Retirement Success Profile and LifeOptions Profile to assess y0ur readiness to discover, plan, and live your retirement dream.

[The services of other institutions and professionals, in joint ventures, will be used if appropriate to your outcome]

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Get in Touch


To live is to choose.

But to choose you need to know who you are and what you stand for, where you are heading and why.

Follow your inner compass - let's outline your Road Map to Success.

Have the life you want. Get the support you need.

Get Ready 4 Change.


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Click here for more information about my 5-step transition signature program.
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[The services of other institutions and professionals, in joint ventures, will be used if appropriate to your outcome]