I spent almost 30 years in the most diversified area of the world - New York City's 9 million residents, with one third born outside the U.S.

I grew up in Malmö, Sweden in the sixties and seventies, now a surprisingly diversified city of 320,000, with one third of the population born outside of Sweden. 

I believe in thinking outside the box...working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, beliefs and values...taking on the challenges together...in a world where change is imminent at high speed. Malmö and the country of Sweden became headline news when at a rally against immigration to the U.S. the words "Did you see what's happening last night in Sweden?" were uttered and the Swedes were confused, becasue nothing the least unusual had happened recently.

Open up your eyes! Hear my story! Understand why Divers(c)ity is so important to a city like New York and Malmö, Sweden!

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