What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.
— Ted Kennedy


My Life-A Divers(c)ity

I've spent almost 30 years in the most diversified area of the world - New York City's 9 million residents, with one third born outside the U.S.

 But I grew up in Malmö, Sweden in the sixties and seventies, now a surprisingly diversified city of 320,000, with one third of the population born outside of Sweden. 

Malmö, and the country of Sweden, became headline news in 2017 when at a political rally in the U.S. the words "Did you hear what happened last night in Sweden?" were spoken to examplify the danger of having a liberal view on immigration in general and, at the time, refugee crisis situation in particular.

Challenges do of course exist with integration in Sweden, and anywhere with multiethnicity, but the Swedes were left wondering and confused by the remark, because nothing the least unusual had happened that night.

It does make the comparison between a city of New York, which has faced diversity for hundreds of years, and the more recent challenges to the city of Malmö and the country of Sweden, a very interesting one.

Open your senses and hear my story why Divers(c)ity is challenging, but in the end both important to address and embrace rather than fear.

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Retirement by Design

To live is to choose.

But to choose you need to know WHO you are and WHAT you stand for, WHERE you are heading and WHY.

This is true throughout life and won't change because you face retirement or semi-retirement. On the contrary it is of utmost importance to understand where you are heading, and why, if you are to successfully transition into a life as a retiree.

Find out how well you are prepared to handle the change.

Choose Retirement by Design, rather than retirement by chance.


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