Open your eyes!

Opinions, attitudes, values and convictions shape not only who you are but how you perceive others and how you interpret the world around you.

I have a unique perspective on the importance to tune into the culture-based values and attitudes of others.

I have lived and worked for almost 30 years in New York City - the most diverse city of the world.

Hear my story. Open your eyes. Become aware.


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I believe understanding each other is a key factor to how successful we are.

Your interests, attitudes, and values shape you and your view on others - you need to know why and how.

 I will Train, Educate, Assess and Motivate you to be effective - doing the right things, and efficient - doing things right.


My 5-step transition signtaure program - click here for more information - will help you set your priorities and goals; manage your time and transition of the changes you, your team, and organization are facing.

I use the Universal Language DISC - a language of behavior and emotions; how we act and the manner in which we do things.

It is NOT a measurement of your IQ but a way to better understand your personal interests, attitudes, values and behavioral style. 


Let's T.E.A.M. up...and get ready 4 change!