Get Ready 4 Change

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Let's T.E.A.M. up

Are you going through a change in your life...

...and not sure where you are heading next?

Are you facing retirement or semi-retirement, and not sure what to do?


Would you like to plan and create your own future?

To choose your direction and path...

...and remove the road blocks that have kept you from reaching your goals in the past?


I can help you.

The Life you want. The Support you need.


I believe in...

thinking outside the box...being the change you want to see in yourself, the relationship you are in, or the team you are part of...knowing your personal interests, attitudes, values, and to understand your behavior.

I can help...

by Training, Educating, Assessing and Motivating you.

  I am...

Lars, your Transition Coach, and I will guide your through the changes you are facing, and the transition you are going through.



Understand and master the skills necessary to set you up for success. more...

Be the change

Improve the way you communicate, work and live in a global and culturally diverse workplace and community more...


Learn how to succesfully prepare yourself for work reorientation, attitude toward retirement, health perception, and financial security more...



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